About Ocean Diamond

Ocean Diamond has been supplying premium quality diamond tools to various industries since 1999. We have won the trust and loyalty of our customers across the world with professional-grade products and incomparable customer service.

We Research

At Ocean Diamond, we understand that technology never stops going forward, so neither do we. With our passion, experience and devoted people, we are committed to developing new and better products every year. Our non-stop investment into R&D is a key factor for our success of today and the future.

We Manufacture

We understand the importance of manufacturing and get deeply involved into that. Co-operating with our long-time manufacturers, we have substantial controls over the product design, the product quality and the product cost. We help our customers stay competitive by having better controls over the entire process.

Together, We Make It Happen

We believe that our customers deserve high quality products, reasonable pricing, and excellent service. A very challenging task, but we are committed to making it happen. Contact us and find out why you can count on us to boom your business.

The Ocean Diamond Team