APEXX Segmented Breaker Router Bits

  • Made with advanced diamond bond and perfectly leveled segments.

  • Super fast and smooth cutting;

  • The perfect solution for the natural quartzites like Taj Mahal;

  • Single Breaker bit can be used on slabs of 2cm and thicker;

  • Double Breaker bit can be used on 2cm, 3cm or 4cm slab by adjusting the bearing and spacer;

  • Fit Master-3500, Sector, Magnum, Hercules, Red Ripper and all other standard stone routers;

  • Commonly used before APEXX Pos.1 router bits as pre-shaping bits;

  • Material: Natural Quartzite, Engineered Stone (Quartz), Granite;

  • Wet use only;

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