APEXX Continuous-Rim Router Bits

The Best Selling Router Bits in the US 

Shape 1 (Pencil Edge)

Shape A (Eased Edge)

Shape B (Demi Bullnose)

Shape B+B (Triple Waterfalls)

Shape D

Shape E (45° Bevel)

Hollywood Bevel (30° Bevel)

Miter Edge (45°)

Shape F (Ogee)

Shape FA (American Ogee)

Shape FV (Ogee Bullnose)

F+V (Ogee Over Bullnose)

Shape H (DuPont)

Shape HV

Shape I 

Shape L (Cove)

Shape O (Cove DuPont)

Shape OG

Shape Q (Cove Ogee)

Shape RH-A

Shape T (Double Eased)

Shape V (Full Bullnose)

Shape Z (Flat Edge)

Joint Clean-up Bits

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Bearings & Adapters

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